Message from the Chairman

Chairman Message

Message from the Chairman

We at The Heritage always try to live up to the expectations. The bar that we have set can be quality, hygiene, innovation, world-class service, or hospitality. But I love to go a mile more out of my comfort zone just to accommodate the expectations hurled at me, for it gives me a thrill and a ride of passion.

Message from Co-Founder Managing Director

We at The Heritage are so passionate about our values which we have so selectively picked for our organization. Trust, faith, honesty and transparency is an integral part of our values. They run in my blood as I am fascinated by them. It compels an ethical approach, a character of the company is building, and I am so connected to each of these values. We have an attitude of just moving forward and making all in good faith, and so many beautiful people have supported and extended their love and trust; this makes The Heritage the most sought- after brand, and I am enormously proud to be a part of such a heritage legacy I am profoundly grateful to all the people who have helped build our company, a stamp of royalty.

We have many ideas across many verticals to rejoice in our hospitality industry to serve and feel so special. I am so impressed by the dynamics the world has to offer. So now it’s my turn to make the world a better place and serve our planet. Mother Earth has given me a lot, and now I would like to commit myself to make Solapur a green city

In due time we would like to announce an extension – The Heritage foundation

Thank you all for contributing in making me Today whatever I am is all because of u all people